200x speed up to R code

200x speed up R code

Techila Distributed Computing Engine offers the easiest way to speed up R simulation and analysis. In this demo we are using 200 CPU cores from the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. This video demonstrates distributing a heavy stochastic R simulation using the Cloudfor method. Speed up R code linear relative to cloud capacity.

Simulation and analysis scripts often spend a great part of their running times in for loop structures. Techila Distributed Computing Engine enables automatic distribution of these structures without the complexity: You can accelerate a R application without specialist skills. Fast R programming made easy!

Techila Distributed Computing Engine is the missing link between applications and the capacity of the clouds. If you use R programming language, statistics, Monte Carlo methods, stochastic simulation based optimization, or data analysis, the opportunity of using Techila Distributed Computing Engine and Azure will be easily rewarded in time and resource savings.

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