Interactive big computing enables automated software tests in real time


A team that develops control software for power electronics uses Python, MATLAB and C in their R&D. The team’s Continuous Integration (CI) process uses a Jenkins environment, and testing that is automated using Robot Framework.

When a developer commits a change into the repository, the Jenkins environment starts the execution of tests that are implemented using the Robot Framework. The total run time of the tests was over 11 hours and growing. This is a problem for the productivity and efficiency of the team’s software R&D.

Read the free report to find out, how Techila Distributed Computing Engine (TDCE) integrates interactive big computing to the CI pipeline and makes it possible to run the tests in just 3 minutes. The solution supports building quality into software: the developers get an interactive real time view on the impact of changes, and their effect on the software quality.

Read the report online.

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