Modeling and number crunching with Windows Azure and Techila

Teppo Tammisto in Microsoft TechDays 2011Today, businesses, research and product development rely heavily on computation: optimization, modeling, simulations, number crunching and data analysis.

As the economy is righting itself, organizations are increasingly recognizing that efficiency plus innovation will be the key to competitiveness. Organizations are now looking for new and more cost-effective ways to acquire the required resources and searching for alternatives to large infrastructure investments.

At the same time when there is a shortage of computational capacity, cloud services like Windows Azure have unforeseen amounts of cost-efficient capacity available. Microsoft has invited Techila Technologies to Microsoft TechDays 2011 to present Techila Distributed Computing Engine integration with Windows Azure.

In the Techila presentation, Techila’s Principal Engineer and Co-Founder Mr. Teppo Tammisto, describes the integration of Techila Distributed Computing Engine integration and Windows Azure. In his presentation, Teppo will demonstrate cloud capacity use and management made easier than ever before. In his Microsoft TechDays presentation Teppo will also do a live demo, showing number crunching in Windows Azure, and how Windows Azure with Techila cuts years to days and hours to minutes.

Meet up with Techila Technologies at Microsoft TechDays 2011 to discuss modeling and number crunching with Windows Azure and Techila Distributed Computing Engine. To schedule a meeting, please e-mail to

We look forward to meeting you in Helsinki on March 31 – April 1, 2011!

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