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Are you interested in developing your career and professional expertise at the crossroads of Financial Engineering and High-Performance Computing? Techila Technologies announces job opportunities, which you should not miss!

HPCFinance networks fourteen Researchers across Europe in a research project, which aims to proactively train young people to respond to the future requirements in financial industry. The ultimate goal is to help to improve the financial strength of banks, pension funds, insurance companies, other financial institutions and households in Europe. HPCFinance is subdivided into six Work Packages containing fourteen Research Projects overall.

The Research Project headed by Techila Technologies, Distributed Computing in Finance, is part of a Work Package which aims to identify the end-user expectations for a usable financial engineering computing platform. In addition, this Work Package investigates the characteristics of modern High-Performance Computing platforms, evaluates their usability in the context of financial engineering applications, and supports other Work Packages to use and implement HPC.

Cloud services have unforeseen amounts of cost-efficient computing power available, which could meet the needs of financial engineers. According to industry analysts, cloud computing is conceptually relatively simple but still hard to implement and manage on the application level. Distributed Computing in Finance supports other Projects to speed up their applications by helping them to integrate their code to clouds and thus enabling efficient distributed cloud computing.

The specific questions of this Research Project are the following: What are the potential financial applications of the distributed computing in the financial industry and academic? In which cases is distributed computing inappropriate and other technologies should be used? How should the distributed computing scheme be developed to correspond to the need of the users in the area of finance? The Research Project especially focuses on the ease of use and integration to business practices. Within this Research Project, the fellow prepares her/ his PhD thesis in the area of software systems, yet emphasizing the financial applications.

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