How quickly can you attach 40,000 cores to your laptop?

Read the Techila Technologies benchmark At ISC22, Techila Technologies publicly introduced the concept of a 40,000 vCPU laptop, to help visualize how Techila Distributed Computing Engine (TDCE) can process High Throughput Computing (HTC) workloads at scale. This 40,000 vCPU concept was transformed into a real life success story at the University of Pittsburgh, where researchers […]


Professor at UPitt runs 40,000 CPU MATLAB® job in Google Cloud to reduce simulation time from six months to two days

Read the full article at Google Case Studies Mahrad Sharifvaghefi, an Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Pittsburgh, studies applied macroeconomics and specializes in using machine learning to conduct large-scale statistics. To optimize his experiment he needed to run at least 1,000 simulations with 300 different designs. Sharifvaghefi et al. estimated that it […]


New partnership makes it easier to run scientific workloads in the cloud

Today Techila Technologies Ltd. and Computas AS announced the companies have entered into a strategic partnership that will make it much easier for Higher Education and Research organizations to harness the scale and performance of the public cloud to support their research using High Throughout Computing (HTC). Techila Technologies advanced middleware products enable scientists, engineers, […]


Techila Distributed Computing Engine at ISC19

Meet us at the ISC High Performance conference in Frankfurt, Germany on 18-20 June 2019. Techila Distributed Computing Engine (TDCE) is the interactive big compute solution. All high-performance computing solutions promise speed. TDCE also provides abstraction and simplifies the use of the computing infrastructure. Develop, run, analyse, and iterate efficiently in cloud scale. TDCE connects […]

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Computing in the cloud – How to save up to 80% in infrastructure costs?

Read the report online Cloud computing offers an appealing option to the world of high-performance computing (HPC). However, in situations where substantial throughput is required, the amount of cloud instances will need to be increased. This can lead to increased cloud costs, which may become unappealing when trying to fit everything into your budget. Google […]


Tutorial on Techila Toolbox for MATLAB

The Support Team of Techila Technologies has published a tutorial on the Techila Toolbox for MATLAB. This tutorial includes also an introduction to some of the features that come with the toolbox. The toolbox is available free of charge to the users of Techila Distributed Computing Engine.   The Techila Toolbox for MATLAB can make […]

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How to speed up the generation of portfolios in R?

Watch a 1-minute intro on YouTube   QuantBros.com has published a tutorial where Dakota Wixom from QuantBros shows how to generate random portfolios in R programming language on a large scale. Watch the full QuantBros.com tutorial on YouTube. In the tutorial, QuantBros uses S&P 500 sector ETFs, calculates an efficient frontier or random portfolios with […]