What to expect from the cloud in 2012 – Usability and interoperability

2012 in the Cloud

Thoran Rodrigues writes in his TechRepublic blog that while it is true that many companies have been experimenting and investing in cloud computing already, they represent a quite small percentage of the overall IT market. The positive results will attract the attention of the slow movers.

As data centers grow and spread throughout the world, the infrastructure increases in complexity exponentially. Maintaining usability will require providing the users with shielding from the complexity.

Interoperability is, of course, on the wish list of everyone. It is not easy to move from one cloud provider to another, regardless of whether you are using cloud infrastructure, cloud platforms, or cloud services. According to Mr. Rodrigues, enhancements to this are unlikely to come from the good-hearted nature of cloud vendors.

The advise of Rodrigues for the year 2012 is to experiment: If you are a newcomer to the cloud, experiment to see for yourself the benefits and concerns; if you are already a veteran, experiment in new ways – try new services, look at what other people are doing and repeat what works.

If you are looking for shielding from complexity or if you want guaranteed interoperability, perhaps it would be a good year to try what Techila can offer in your favorite cloud.

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