Computational neuroinformatics changes lives

Neuroinformatics brings hope to brain disease and disorder patients

Marja-Leena Linne and other INCF leaders publish a video where they talk how neuroinformatics and computational neuroinformatics brings hope to people who have been impacted by brain diseases and disorders.

The Techila Distributed Computing Engine technology, which we at Techila Technologies have developed can speed up computational neuroinformatics research dramatically. Researchers can cut the computing time of neuronal signaling models to a revolutionary extend with Techila. For example a computational neuroscience simulation, which would have previously taken seven years can now be completed in just six days, without compromising reliability and accuracy of the results.

The Techila Distributed Computing Engine plays an essential role in the development of novel data analysis and Big Data methods and models for large biological neural networks. With Techila, the amount of computational testing of biological hypotheses can be increased due to easy access to powerful computing resources.

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