Enabling unforeseen cancer research strategies

Many of our new algorithms could not be developed or run at all without Techila’s systems

Laboratory of Complex Biosystems Modeling, lead by Dr. Matti Nykter, has primary research focus on cancer systems biology. Cancer systems biology combines empirical, mathematical and computational techniques to gain understanding of different aspects of the disease. Dr. Nykter and his group develop mathematical models and computational tools, which can be applied to answer biological questions.

The laboratory is works in collaboration with the leading scientists of the World; Prof. Wei Zhang at MD Anderson Cancer Center, and Prof. Ilya Shmulevich at the Institute for Systems Biology. The nature of complex biosystems modeling striving toward unforeseen results used bring Dr. Nykter and his team to positions, where their research was limited by computing time.

The Laboratory of Complex Biosystems has solved the limitations set by the availability of computing time by taking Techila into use. Techila’s ease of use and full integration to development environments system increases algorithm development speed compared to other platforms. This empowers the laboratory now to apply completely new research strategies in cancer research.

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