Techila in multinational EU FP7 project

EU FP7Vast amounts of data is becoming accessible in biotechnology applications. Better bioinformatics tools are needed to capitalize on this information. In order to address the challenges of the data explosion, Techila Technologies, University of Helsinki, University of Cambridge, Malaga University as well as VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and two European SMEs have agreed to start an EU FP7 funded project “BIO knowLEDGE Extractor and Modeller for Protein Production” (BIOLEDGE).

Earl Joseph, VP, IDC, in The Exascale Report interview about A Strategic Agenda for European Leadership in Supercomputing – HPC 2020:
HPC Leadership is not about having the biggest computer. It is about how you use those computers to make scientists, your factories and everyone else more productive and innovative… …It is around software. Not around hardware.”

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