Speed up rendering, animation with Techila

Blender with Techila

The applications of next generation high-performance computing are not limited to scientific computing. The Techila SDK offers developers open Application Programming Interfaces (API), which developers can use to enable cloud power and speed up any application easily and securely. With Techila you can easily speed up rendering and other applications, which have made you wait.

Great examples of applications, which can benefit of Techila-enabled speed-up and ease of use are rendering and animation. Blender, LuxRender, 3ds Max, YafaRay are tools, which you can find on every designer’s desk. You can use Techila to speed up rendering, get super fast 3D animation rendering directly to your Blender. Techila connects your renderer to the infinite capacity of Windows Azure compute instances, providing shielding from the complexity, and you can set up your own on-demand renderfarm in the cloud to power your projects.

Techila middleware enables powering new and existing application with the infinite capacity of cloud. Techila provides automatic distribution of workloads with an unparalleled experience and shielding from complexity. Blender in cloud, enabled by Techila, brings HPC to every designer’s desk.

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