Parallel Julia with efficient scaling

300x Julia = $6.56

Techila Distributed Computing Engine enables efficient and scalable parallel computing in Julia language. Develop using your favourite IDE: Jupyter Notebook, Juno, Visual Studio. Run your scripts and analyse the results in large scale, efficiently, without leaving the environment.

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Trying Techila Distributed Computing Engine is made easy for enterprises and individual users.

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Use the @cloud macro in your compute-intensive Julia script. TDCE automates the parallel run and scaling over many processors. TDCE’s abstraction simplifies the use of computing infrastructure and boosts the efficiency of research, prototyping, development, and testing of advanced models and algorithms. Works also with custom packages.

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Proven security

Techila Distributed Computing Engine is a secure solution that is trusted by the industry. Financial industry customers include central and national banks, leading investment banks, asset managers, and insurance companies.

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