Techila benchmarks top clouds in real-world Finance HPC use-cases


Techila Technologies benchmarks the top cloud computing platforms Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine, and Microsoft Azure in real-world business use-cases. The report includes benchmarks and analysis of the leading clouds in real-world scenarios, in which the business can benefit of scalable high-performance computing.

Techila Technologies has noted that the financial services industry, also known as the FSI, has recently been highly interested in exploring the benefits of cloud-based processing. As both cloud service offerings and understanding of the cloud have matured, interest in clouds and the exploration of suitable uses for cloud-based processing has grown and evolved.

Customers in the financial industry have been interested in exploring the possibilities of benefitting from cloud-based processing in their businesses. Because of this, the current test round will focus on analyzing how well equipped the leading clouds are to respond to needs arising from computational business scenarios in finance, and how well clouds perform in real-world use-cases implemented in popular environments, such as Python, C/C++, C#/ .NET, MATLAB and R script. The findings will be compared to a reference server environment set up on a Linux cluster provided by CSC. This benchmark experiment is not being sponsored by any vendors.

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