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Bootstrapping question

PostPosted: 2013-05-23 08:59:25
by e151761
i think the concept of Techila is interesting. The problem with our calculations is that they cannot be modified by just changing the keyword "for" to "cloudfor".

The CPU intensive Monte Carlo parts are typically written in C++ or Fortran. Or we use routines (like "boot()" in R) that do the CPU intensive bootstraping.

Some effort would be needed to do the conversion. Then the question is how long this approach will be supported by Techila or the industry in general. (Will there be Techila binaries for new versions of the OS,...) My experience is that a long term support of a product in a changing environment is more difficult and time consuming than its initial installation.

Re: Bootstrapping question

PostPosted: 2013-05-23 09:03:12
by eerola
Techila can support bootstrap resampling. I know we have use cases, where Techila has been used as the "cluster" (cl) in snow. This enables Techila-powering of bootstrapping codes without changes to the actual codes. I guess this is what you would like to have?

Techila makes computing simple by providing users with shielding from the complexity of distributed computing. Techila offers simple helper functions (Cloudfor and Peach), which the users can implement easily to their codes, and which enable easy automatic distribution of their codes. Beyond Cloudfor and Peach, Techila can also support a range of more advanced use cases, like the use of Techila as a SNOW backend.

* I would say that Cloudfor is ideal if the user has a heavy for structure.

* Peach (=Parallel Each) is ideal for cases, where the user has a module, which he wants to run using a dataset as input values. In fact Peach is pretty close to boot().

Re: Bootstrapping question

PostPosted: 2013-05-23 09:04:27
by eerola
To answer the question about the longer term support: Techila has been around since 2006. New versions of the Techila software are a part of our product support and product maintenance. New versions of the developer packages/ binaries are available as a part of the Techila SDK. The Techila SDK is available from the Techila Extranet. A registration is needed but it is free.

Re: Bootstrapping question

PostPosted: 2019-03-01 12:18:30
by nirali31
This discussion really helped..!!