Failed to delete Google resources

Failed to delete Google resources

Postby garrett » 2017-08-17 09:19:35

I used Techila Distributed Computing Engine from the Google Cloud Launcher. I started the system, and everything went well, but when I wanted to shut it down, some resources don’t get removed. Please advise how to fix this!
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Re: Failed to delete Google resources

Postby kari » 2017-08-17 09:33:19

I'm guessing here what the situation might be. You probably had worker instances running while pressing delete for the deployment.

The correct order of shutting down things in the Google Cloud Launcher and deleting everything. Note! If you do this, everything is deleted and you will need to start from the beginning when continuing Techila use. But it also means that all billing is stopped.

1. Shutdown Techila Workers using the Techila Configuration Wizard.

2. Then delete the deployment from the Google Cloud Launcher / Deployment Manager.

However, it is possible to click delete for the deployment while worker nodes are running, this may result in a somewhat confusing state and the delete won't succeed. But doing this will shut down the Techila Server and therefore the Techila Configuration Wizard cannot be anymore used to shutdown the worker nodes. The deployment will say "failed to delete", this is because the worker nodes are using the resources of the deployment.


To fix this situation, go to the "Compute Engine" from the menu. From there select "Instance groups". And there "techila-1-worker-1" (or similar), and "edit group" on the top. Change the number of instances to 0 and click "Save". This will begin the process of deleting the worker nodes. You'll need to wait for them to shut down. After the instances are gone, you can click "Delete group".

Then you can go back to "Deployment Manager" and select "delete" for the "techila-1" (or similar number) solution.

After this you should not have any Techila-related components running and no Techila-related billing.
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