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Why is the first Techila Project always slow?

PostPosted: 2016-03-16 15:01:56
by techila support
When you start new Techila Workers, they do not have any programming language specific runtime components installed. They are essentially new VM instances, which only have the Techila Worker software installed.

When you run your first Project (Python, R or MATLAB), the required runtime components will be automatically transferred to the Techila Workers from the Techila Server. This transfer process can take between 1-5 minutes, depending on the programming language you are using. After the runtime components have been transferred to the Techila Worker, they will be stored on the Techila Worker's hard disk. During subsequent Projects, the Techila Worker will use the runtime components stored on the hard disk, meaning there is no network transfer delay related to runtime component transfers.

If you shut down the Techila Workers, the runtime components will be deleted with the Techila Worker's disk. This means that the runtime components will need to be transferred again when you start new Techila Workers.