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CLI command

Postby pranu » 2018-12-13 09:28:38

Describe the zip/unzip command using gzip?
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Re: CLI command

Postby kari » 2018-12-14 08:29:25


The unzip command is used to unpack the project result file downloaded after the project has completed. There is no zip command.

You first create a computational project with createProject command, wait for it to finish with waitCompletion command and then download the result with download command. The download command downloads all the results to your own computer as one ZIP file (not a gzip file, just a regular zip). This file can be unzipped with the unzip command (or you can use your own preferred method to unzip ZIP files, unzip, winzip, whatever, ...).

However, all those steps can be performed with one command: peach. This is the recommended and easiest way of running computations with the CLI. All of our CLI examples in the Techila SDK use peach, check them out. With peach you don't have to worry about the other commands.
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