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HPC in the Cloud spoke with Tuomas Eerola, vice president and partner at Techila Technologies, about the Techila Distributed Computing Engine product and its uses:

Tuomas Eerola sees the distance between Internet and Mobile shrinking. Mobile and embedded applications and platforms are becoming richer, High-speed Interenet is becoming mobile, and developers are introducing solutions, which nobody could have dreamed of in the beginning of the Millennium. At the same time, several mobile vendors are introducing clouds, which have the potential to deliver virtually infinite capacity. Techila wants to shrink the distance between Applications and the Clouds, and enable HPC on every desk and in every pocket.

“I just want to bring fast computing and infinite scalability of compute power to whatever it is we have in our hands. Whether that is with the laptop on my table or whether it is the phone on my desk, I really don’t care.”

Many of the applications Tuomas Eerola mentioned in the discussion with HPC in the Cloud are familiar territory for cloud services: Financial Risk Analytics, Medical Imaging, Stochastic Simulations, Data-analysis in Geophysics,… But Eerola sees that Techila Technologies has only scratched the surface of the opportunities for next generation grid computing. He stressed that the company’s goal is to expand the adoption of high performance resources by bringing HPC to every desk, and to every pocket. This will be a game-changer, which will really democratize HPC.

Tuomas Eerola wants to bring a positive disruption to the HPC market and enable fast computing also in applications, which have not been able to benefit of conventional server-based HPC. Mobile applications, which Techila Technologies demonstrated recently, are an excellent example of areas, which have not been able to benefit of HPC before Techila.

Cloud computing offers highly flexible and available compute capacity for a variety of applications. However, the act of provisioning those resources can be rather complicated, requiring a certain level of expertise and consequently reducing cloud adoption.

According to Eerola, ease of integration and ability to provide end-users with shileding from all complexity are key items in making HPC available to everyone. With Techila, scalable application development does not need to be a nine-month re-architecting project. The proven middleware provides built-in security, scalability and shielding from the complexity. Having these features readily available and tested can save a lot of the developer’s time and money.

Techila SDK offers Open API for Independent Software Vendors (ISV) and Systems Integrators (SI) for easy third-party software integration. The Techila Application Programming Interfaces are available free of charge to developers who want to benefit from the Techila Distributed Computing Engine in their application projects. The integration with Techila can be distributed with the project to the end-users. There will be a cost only when the end-user of the application benefits of Techila, when actually doing Techila-enabled computing.

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