Cloud power to mobile. Techila brings HPC to every pocket.

Techila on Android

Techila Technologies has been known as the provider of High Performance Computing (HPC) middleware solutions, which enable HPC on every desk. Techila’s middleware has enabled easy and secure acceleration of applications from Finance to Biosciences. Now, by enabling Techila on mobile, Techila Technologies has taken the next step, opening the door for HPC to every pocket.

On this video, we see the power of the Techila middleware on mobile handset. An application based on Monte Carlo methods uses the Techila middleware plug-in to connect securely to the infinite capacity of the cloud. The automatic distribution enabled by Techila gives the mobile application 138x acceleration with 200 Cloud CPU cores, shielding the user from all complexity.

The integration in this mobile demo is based on the APIs included in the Techila SDK. The Techila SDK is available free of charge from the Techila Extranet at Enabling cloud scalability in your application using Techila is free. You can include Techila API in your project free, and you can distribute your Techila-enabled application without license costs, with Techila you pay only when you compute.

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