Look inside cloud HPC

What Is A Cloud?

Ask twenty different computer experts what cloud computing or cloud HPC are, and you will get twenty different answers. This is not because cloud computing as a concept is still in its infancy; the technology is already up and running and the chances are you have already used it. It is because cloud computing offers so many possibilities and options in its implementation, that those twenty experts that you asked see twenty different ways of using the technology. In reality they are all talking about the same thing.

This video provides a deeper look into the cloud, where is the cloud and and what it looks like inside the cloud. Microsoft’s cloud is comprised of a globally distributed datacenter infrastructure supporting over 200 online services. Techila offers users a middleware plug-in which enables cloud HPC on every desktop. The Techila plug-in enables the users’ applications to securely harness the infinite capacity of this infrastructure. The Techila middleware hides all the complexity and makes integration of the Cloud quick and easy, without having to think what is happening inside cloud.

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