Interview with VTT’s CIO Markus Ekman

An interview with VTT’s CIO Markus Ekman. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is a globally networked multitechnological contract research organization and the biggest applied research organization in Northern Europe with 3200 people. VTT provides high-end technology solutions and innovation services to enhance its customers’ competitiveness.

VTT serves several industries: Biotechnology, pharmaceutical and food, Electronics, Energy, ICT, Real estate and construction, Machines and vehicles, Services and logistics, Forest industry and Process industry and environment.

VTT has a long history with high-performance computing – since 30 – 40 years back. HPC was first used for statistical purposes mainly, but has been used with a growing path at least 20 years for structural analysis, fluid dynamics and chemical process simulations.

VTT sees that the need for computing is in a strong growth on all new research project areas. The processes of the new areas like virtualization, augmented reality, bioinformatics or data-analysis are very much dependent on easy availability of computing capacity. CIO Markus Ekman is leading the organization in this change.

“My conclusion talking about these changes is that as a CIO I need to try to understand where our business and the markets are going and then meet the requirements. We need to be able to identify and deploy the best possible tools to play the game. I mean we would like to win the game and to win the game we need to have the superb tools and processes,” says Markus Ekman CIO, SVP of Information Management, VTT.

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