Tutorial on Techila Toolbox for MATLAB

The Support Team of Techila Technologies has published a tutorial on the Techila Toolbox for MATLAB. This tutorial includes also an introduction to some of the features that come with the toolbox. The toolbox is available free of charge to the users of Techila Distributed Computing Engine.


The Techila Toolbox for MATLAB can make the parallelization of a model easy. In this tutorial, we see how to use the

  • “cloudfor” function that is included in the Techila Toolbox for MATLAB.
  • “callback” feature of “cloudfor” to process the results in real-time.
  • “cloudfor” for the parallelization of nested for-loops.
  • features that “cloudfor” offers for control of parallelization and optimization of the throughput of the system
    For more information about parallel computing using the MATLAB API of the Techila Distributed Computing Engine, please visit the Techila Distributed Computing Engine with MATLAB User Guide that is available in Techila Documentation Home.