Professor Stuart Kauffman and Techila collaboration on Genetic Regulatory Networks

Techila Technologies and Professor Stuart Kauffman have agreed on a collaboration in the FiDiPro project for Modelling and Reverse Engineering of Delayed Stochastic Models of Genetic Regulatory Networks (GRNs). Originally a medical doctor, Kauffman is an emeritus professor of biochemistry at the University of Pennsylvania, and a seminal member and an external professor of the Santa Fe Institute. Also a MacArthur Fellow and a Trotter Prize winner, Kauffman has published three major books, among them is At Home in the Universe: The Search for the Laws of Self-Organization and Complexity (1995), which the Oxford University Press says “weaves together the excitement of intellectual discovery and a fertile mix of insights to give the general reader a fascinating look at this new science − and at the forces for order that lie at the edge of chaos.”

The subject of the FiDiPro research project is the development of delayed stochastic models of genetic regulatory networks. The project focuses on modelling the dynamics of genetic regulatory networks based on gene expression data at the single molecule level. The research results are expected to enhance our understanding of gene networks dynamics including in the case of diseases, namely cancer. The results can be utilised to better understand the appearance of cancer, its progression and predicting the effects of differentiation therapy on patients. The long term goal is the development of personalized medicine, where doctors can choose the best treatment for each patient.

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