Enabling High-Productivity Computing with Cloud Scalability

Microsoft Partner Solution Techila

In Techila Technologies’ opinion, scalable computing power should be as easily accessible to the end-users as electricity is from the socket. Techila Distributed Computing Engine offers, for example, seamless integration to the existing familiar tools and applications, for example MATLAB, Python, and R programming language, so that the user can benefit from fast and scalable computing, without need to learn new UIs or redesign his codes.

When simulation and analysis can be done in days instead of years, and in minutes instead of days, it gives a great competitive advantage to the user organization by:

  • cutting down the time to market of products and services,
  • making it possible to solve the next most difficult problem,
  • enabling simulation without cutting corners in accuracy,
  • supporting interactive simulation and analysis and agile R&D methods,
  • increasing the productivity of experts and enabling new innovation, and
  • making the impossible possible.

Compared to traditional HPTC solutions like server farms and datacenters, Techila Distributed Computing Engine and the possibility to enable secure integration of cloud computing offers great benefits:

  • fast installation in a couple of hours,
  • near zero-level system administration required,
  • virtually unlimited scalability of computing resources,
  • enablement of pay-as-you-use computing,
  • low total cost of ownership (TCO),
  • no more hidden costs, like power, cooling and real estate, etc.

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