Researchers switching from supercomputers to the cloud

Cloud Power

The European Commission has started putting a great focus on building and growing the high-performance computing market. Conventional HPC uses supercomputers to solve advanced computation problems and is a key enabler of ground-breaking innovation that creates high wage jobs and allows Europe’s competitiveness to be maintained.

The world of high-performance computing (HPC) is in the middle of a radical change and more focus will be laid on software rather than on hardware. An example of this trend is cloud computing that promises to facilitate the high performance computing market. The cloud computing power is supplied from large data centres in the network, and offers economies of scale as the cost per server is drastically lowered based on a “pay per use” principle.

The Techila Distributed Computing Engine is a key element in enabling this change. Techila is a next generation grid that enables producing HPC from the cloud, and provides an easy integration and security, without the complexity of traditional high-performance computing.

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