Rocket Speed To Computing, An Interview with Samuli Siltanen

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Samuli Siltanen is highly regarded as an innovative Industrial Mathematics Professor at the University of Helsinki, Finland. He is also well known for writing textbooks and conducting research in the area of inverse problems.

The goal of Siltanen’s scientific work is to design efficient numerical methods that have a sound mathematical basis and solve real-world problems, such as looking for oil and gas, pricing of stock options, medical imaging, or study of human voice.

According to Professor Siltanen, the main benefits of the Techila solution are the speed up and ease of implementation. He can use his existing MATLAB codes, and Techila enables high-performance computing without the complexity.

Professor Samuli Siltanen uses Techila with cloud computing. With the HPC In The Cloud approach he is expecting more scalability and better ability to respond to the computational needs of his research. Siltanen’s projects are international. When the data is in the cloud, all his researchers and collaborators can access the latest data and to share algorithms.

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