Rocket speed from the Command Line


Techila Technologies has published a new video tutorial, which presents the easiest way to integrate distributed computing speed to an existing business application: The Techila Command Line Interface. Techila Command Line Interface can be used to data parallel an application to which we have don’t have source code access, only to the binary executable.

Nobody likes waiting. Techila gives rocket speed to existing applications and removes the need to cut corners in accuracy. The example in this video tutorial uses a Financial application, which fits pricing models to data on a SQL server. In the example we use Techila Command Line Interface to integrate the application to the Techila distributed computing environment, read the financial instruments from the database, and get a 9 hour long task done in just 4 minutes. No need to stay late at the office waiting for the computations to finish. With Techila you can do this in a single line on the CLI.

Download the full End-User Guide for Techila Command Line from Techila Technology Documents.

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