Techila empowers mathematical research

University of TurkuUniversity of Turku Department of Mathematics has selected Techila Technologies’ private computing cloud solution to empower researchers in computationally intensive projects. Mathematical research was recognized to be one of the areas of strength in the university strategy 2006-2012. This corresponds to the importance of both theoretical research, and applications in other sciences.

The Department of Mathematics is particularly well-known for the high level research in discrete mathematics. The research in the fields of number theory, coding theory, automata and biomathematics are internationally considered to be of very good quality. Number theory has long traditions in Turku, while automata and coding theory are relatively new areas which are originally motivated by information and computer sciences. The research in non-linear analysis, quantum mechanics and applied algorithmics are connected to the earlier mentioned areas and represent mathematical methods in natural sciences and computer science.

Models based on mathematics are built and used in social sciences, in the theory of voting behaviour, in decision analysis, in medical sciences and even in the research concerning political structures.

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