Techila Distributed Computing Engine in AWS

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Techila Distributed Computing Engine is an enterprise ready high performance and high throughput solution. The user-friendly APIs and world class scheduler combined with massively scalable AWS compute capacity will ensure that you have all the required tools to meet your goals.

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Techila Distributed Computing Engine integrates the scalable power of AWS seamlessly into MATLAB®, R programming language, Python and other popular environments on your own PC.

MATLAB® Python R script

Cost Managment

Techila Distributed Computing Engine in AWS is available with a flexible pay-as-you-go licensing that will ensure that you only pay for the capacity for the duration of the deployment. The fault-tolerant properties of TDCE allow you to run workloads on spot instances to further reduce costs while keeping the performance impact minimal.



Techila Technologies will support your journey with TDCE and AWS. A direct communication channel with support engineers can be opened by simply reaching out.

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