Exploit the potential of data in risk management


Techila Technologies joins the BigDataFinance network to bring rocket speed to the development of sophisticated data-driven risk management and research at the crossroads of Finance and Big Data. The network consists of leading companies from banking and asset management and research experts. ING, Bloomberg, Olsen, Techila Technologies, University of Zurich, CREATES, Tampere University of Technology, University of Manchester,…

Compared to the USA, Europe is still at an early stage of adopting Big Data technologies and services. Immediate action is required to seize opportunities to exploit the huge potential of Big Data within the European finance world. Banks and other financial institutions must be able to manage, process, and use massive heterogeneous data sets in a fast and robust manner for successful risk management. The network partners will put emphasis on exploiting big data techniques to manage and use data that are too large and complex to process with conventional methods.

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