Techila Technologies awarded the INNOFINLAND 09 Prize

Techila Grid, a distributed software solution, takes the extra capacity of computers and server clusters into full use for scientific computing

Techila Technologies Ltd. has developed a next generation grid computing solution that improves the efficiency of material and energy usage by creating an environmentally friendly and scalable supercomputer without further investment in hardware. The software finds the unused capacity in existing PC’s and servers and harnesses it for productive work.

Techila Technologies Ltd.’s solution adapts easily into an existing IT system and is not visible to the regular user of a PC. It offers a significant competitive advantage to the finance industry, engineering and manufacturing, and the scientific research.

– Information gained through demanding calculations often form the basis for business decisions and scientific research. Yet, very few have access to a sufficient computing capacity that would allow a dive deeper into the material at hand, says Rainer Wehkamp, CEO and founder of Techila Technologies Ltd.

– Techila Grid technology provides the capacity for demanding calculations and drops calculation times to a fraction of what was previously required. While the grid carries a part of the calculations needed cumulatively, more supercomputer time can be allocated to research that depends on it.

Using Techila Grid is not only a technological but also an ecological alternative to continuously adding on new hardware. For instance, managing heat created by server clusters is a significant cost and increasingly so with the expected higher energy prices.

The jury of INNOFINLAND 09 stated:

This entry fits well with this year’s theme “efficiency in material and energy usage”, because it helps to create major savings in servers’ energy consumption and in particular in the energy required by cooling systems of server clusters. On the other hand, the need for creating large server units is reduced, when part of the calculation load can be distributed to a number of PC’s. In this entry, the technological problems previously seen with similar systems have been solved, such as security issues, administration and maintenance. The award recipient is seen to have great market potential in the future.

Techila Technologies Ltd. , with its head office in Tampere, Finland, was established in 2006. Its roots are in the Tampere University of Technology. Its clientele includes banks and other financial institutions, medical research groups, as well as the majority of Finnish universities.