Techila with MATLAB Video Tutorial series


Marko Koskinen from Techila Technologies’ Support Team delivers a series of three short tutorial videos on how to use Techila Distributed Computing Engine to speed up MATLAB applications without MPI or CUDA programming skills.

In the first part of the series Marko covers how to access the Techila environment from MATLAB. The computing infrastructure of the Techila environment can consist of servers or cluster nodes in your Intranet, computing resources from a cloud, or even in a hybrid system which scales from on-premises server to the cloud.

When we have learned how to enable Techila features in MATLAB to scale out our code to many computers and we know how to parallelize MATLAB applications, Marko will introduce how to use Techila with data programming. In this second tutorial video Marko shows the basics of distributed MATLAB data analysis using Techila Distributed Computing Engine.

In the third part of this tutorial series Marko shows how to debug and do troubleshooting error situations in the Techila Distributed Computing Engine environment.

Techila Distributed Computing Engine with MATLAB user guide can be downloaded from the Technology Documents section.

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