Unlimited HPC performance enables efficiency plus innovation

Tuomas Eerola Techila

In modern research, the requirements placed on computing and data analysis are continuously increasing, which results in a need for more versatile computing. As High-Performance Computing and Big Computing grow, they need to cater to a wider audience who are not familiar with HPC technologies; users need a simple user experience.

VTT, Technical Research Centre of Finland, is the biggest multi-technological applied research organization in Northern Europe. VTT provides versatile technology solutions and research services for both domestic and foreign clients in the private and public sector. VTT has recognised widely that requirements, changes, and efficiency of computing drive innovation, competitiveness, and success.

“The need for computing is in a strong growth, particularly within new fields of research. Because of this, the vision about the most efficient computing methods and the efficiency of investments in operational computing performance are in the center of the development of enterprises. Efficiency plus innovation will be The Thing – the race for competitiveness and continuous success requires absolutely differentiation in this field too,” says VTT’s CIO Markus Ekman in Microsoft’s case study “Unlimited computing performance with Techila’s solution”.

“Techila enables harnessing tremendous amounts of computing capacity from the cloud easily and quickly. A project, which would have taken 35 years using conventional approaches was shrunk into just five days, thanks to our solution. This is a clear business benefit and enables faster time-to-market. Our solution offered a unparalleled efficiency and 2300 times acceleration,” says Tuomas Eerola, Vice President of Techila Technoloiges.

Techila makes research and development work faster and reduces the time-to-market. Ease of use and simple user experience brings HPC to every desk, which also catalyzes unforeseen product innovations. The solution’s cost model is directly linked to benefits. Techila enables assigning Azure to serve computing and integration of cloud services to form a end-to-end research platform. In this model, the user will pay only for the benefits received – that is, the computing time and performance.

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