Professor Wei Zhang and Techila collaboration on computational cancer research

Techila Technologies and Professor Wei Zhang have agreed on a collaboration in the FiDiPro project for Systems Biology of Cancer: Mapping, Methods and Modeling for the Cancer Genome. Professor Wei Zhang works as a professor in pathology and cancer biology in The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center and as the head of the Cancer Genomics Core Laboratory.

The FiDiPro project is focused on applying systems biology tools to modern cancer research. We integrate multiple types of high-throughput measurement data and, by data mining medical archives for clinical data, associate clinical parameters with particular genetic events. Mathematical modeling and reverse engineering are applied to uncover the mechanisms of initiation and progression of the disease. The goal is to develop computational methods to process genomic data and to find new genomic markers.

This project will advance the fields of computational cancer genomics, cancer research, and personalized medicine.

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