Next generation grid.
High productivity computing.

How Does It Work?

Fast simulation and analysis made easy

Techila Distributed Computing Engine enables fast simulation and analysis, without the complexity of traditional high-performance computing. The solution supports many popular languages and environments, and all the modern IT scenarios.

About product

Next generation grid computing

Techila Distributed Computing Engine is a next generation grid. It is a user-friendly solution that can improve the productivity of users from the research and development to applications that are deployed within production environments. Supports the organization’s existing IT infrastructure. Supports compliance ready and secure enablement of cloud computing using the customer’s own cloud account.

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Designed for the modern enterprise IT

IT leaders face pressure from two directions: The business needs rapid prototyping and detailed simulations in near real time. Data center costs need to be kept down. Techila Distributed Computing Engine combines cloud technology, usability and security to deliver all this.

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