MATLAB or R? Which works best in Value-at-Risk calculation?

Peter Verhoog of Verhoog Consultancy and Techila Technologies have published a paper that demonstrates, how to speed up the calculation of Value-at-Risk measures using scalable distributed computing. The MATLAB and R codes have also been made open and available for the financial community.


How to re-calibrate financial models in real time after a market shock?

Prof. Kanniainen’s paper demonstrates how financial models can be re-calibrated in real time after a market shock. He shows how to cut the time from more than 7 hours to just a couple of minutes. The MATLAB code open and available for the financial community.


How to speed up the generation of portfolios in R?

Watch a 1-minute intro on YouTube has published a tutorial where Dakota Wixom from QuantBros shows how to generate random portfolios in R programming language on a large scale. Watch the full tutorial on YouTube. In the...


How to speed up Simulink using Cloud?

Read the article in LinkedIn Pulse   An accurate Simulink model performs as expected and produces the desired results. But the added complexity along with the constantly growing data requirements can cause unacceptable simulation times. How to improve simulation...


Meet Techila at ISC High Performance

Register today   Meet the team and see the latest of Techila Technologies at ISC '16, 21 June 2016. Join us at ISC High Performance, the event for High-Performance Computing HPC, Network, and Storage in Frankfurt, Germany. Meet the Techila...


Easy supercluster speed to R using CSC’s Techila service

Watch the CSC and Techila tutorial on YouTube.   Are you a R user? Would you like to have faster simulation and analysis? This free CSC IT Center for Science webinar was recorded on 17 May 2016. The webinar...


Can You Distill High Frequency Financial Data Efficiently Using MATLAB?

Read the article in LinkedIn Pulse   Can You Distill High Frequency Financial Data Efficiently Using MATLAB? Tuomas Eerola's article in LinkedIn Pulse introduces a solution for turning high frequency financial data efficiently into a competitive advantage using MATLAB. Computing...


Techila and Google bring an on-demand supercomputer to every desk

Visit Google Cloud Platform Blog   Techila Technologies releases a new on-demand solution that cuts simulation and analysis time from hours to minutes, without the cost and complexity of traditional high-performance computing (HPC). Techila, the big compute solution, is available...


Techila is Google Premier Technology Partner

Techila Technologies has been granted the Google Cloud Platform Premier Technology Partner status. Currently, only 9 technology partner companies have qualified for this top level partner status. Premier partners have completed extensive technical training and met a rigorous...


See the latest of Techila and Google at GCP NEXT 2016

Register today   See the latest of Techila Technologies and Google Cloud Platform at GCPNEXT, 23-24 March 2016. Join us at GCP NEXT 2016, the Google Cloud Platform user conference in San Francisco. Meet the Techila team, and see how...


Rocket-fast risk computing at HPCFinance London

Download the conference flyer   Meet the Techila team and the leading industry speakers at the HPCFinance Conference, hosted by Aberdeen Asset Management in London, UK, on 14-15 March 2016. The presenters of the HPCFinance Final Conference include top industry...


Techila presents at STAC Summit London

Meet the Techila team at the Fall 2015 STAC Summit in London, UK, on 10 November 2015. Techila's Tuomas Eerola will speak in the STAC Summit London about "Is Big Computing a Headache". In his presentation he will...


Exploit the potential of data in risk management

Visit BigDataFinance website   Techila Technologies joins the BigDataFinance network to bring rocket speed to the development of sophisticated data-driven risk management and research at the crossroads of Finance and Big Data. The network consists of leading companies from...


Techila benchmarks top clouds in real-world Finance HPC use-cases

Read the cloud benchmark report   Techila Technologies benchmarks the top cloud computing platforms Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine, and Microsoft Azure in real-world business use-cases. The report includes benchmarks and analysis of the leading clouds in real-world...


Rocket speed from the Command Line

Watch Techila Command Line Interface Tutorial on YouTube.   Techila Technologies has published a new video tutorial, which presents the easiest way to integrate distributed computing speed to an existing business application: The Techila Command Line Interface. Techila Command...


Meet Techila at Global Derivatives

Meet the Techila team at the Global Derivatives Trading & Risk Management 2015 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, from May 19 – 21, 2015. Contact us to discuss the benefits of next generation grid computing to your business, and...


From depression to recession with Techila

Download the Discussion Paper from Bank of Finland   The Bank of Finland publishes a paper "Kiss me deadly: From Finnish great depression to great recession", which discusses the causes of the Finnish Great Depression, 1990-1993. The simulations benefited...


ANSYS In Cloud – Scaling Up Computational Capacity

Read the report ANSYS In Cloud – Scaling Up Computational Capacity   Techila Technologies and Cargotec's MacGregor have investigated how to optimize the cost of ANSYS HPC system ownership with cloud services integrated to the enterprise IT. This report...


Come meet Techila at the ONS2014

Come meet the Techila team at the ONS2014 in Norway, Stavanger from August 25-28, 2014. We will be located in Pavillion O 1335. From seismic imaging to risk management, and from process optimization to forward planning, Techila's technology...


Techila benchmarks top clouds in real-world HPC

Read the cloud benchmark report   All clouds are not similar. If the technical features of a cloud do not align with the needs of business, a solution which looks cost efficient can have a high cost of ownership....


Techila with MATLAB Video Tutorial series

Watch Techila with MATLAB Tutorials on YouTube   Marko Koskinen from Techila Technologies' Support Team delivers a series of three short tutorial videos on how to use Techila Distributed Computing Engine to speed up MATLAB applications without MPI or...


Introduction to Techila technology

Watch the video on YouTube   Marko Koskinen from Techila Technologies' Support Team gives an introduction to Techila Distributed Computing Engine (TDCE). This introduction video covers the very basics of the TDCE technology. If you are not familiar with...


Techila expands in Benelux

Read the release   CVIS B.V. a provider of ICT services in the Benelux market, today announced that it has entered into an agreement with Techila Technologies. With the Techila Distributed Computing Engine technology CIVS can offer its customers...


Conference New Thinking in Finance

Get ready and save the date for conference New Thinking in Finance at Lloyds & Willis head office in London. It is an EU Conference on HPC in Finance with applications to: product pricing, hedging, trading, risk...


Computational neuroinformatics changes lives

Watch the video on YouTube Marja-Leena Linne and other INCF leaders publish a video where they talk how neuroinformatics and computational neuroinformatics brings hope to people who have been impacted by brain diseases and disorders. The Techila Distributed Computing...

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