Google Cloud Platform

Techila Distributed Computing Engine Advanced Edition is available in Google Cloud Platform Marketplace.

Deploy from the Google Marketplace. Don't worry, you won't be billed before you start using the system.

Your favorite languages on your laptop

Techila Distributed Computing Engine integrates the scalable power of Google Cloud Platform seamlessly into MATLAB®, R programming language, Julia, Python and other popular environments on your own PC.

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Save money

TDCE supports spot instances. Save up to 91% of infrastructure costs when using Techila in Google Cloud.

Scale out

TDCE allows you to scale out to 10'000s of CPU cores when using Google Cloud

No red tape

Using TDCE in Google Cloud requires 0 new contracts. All invoicing will be done by using your existing billing method.

Professional services

Techila Technologies’ expert engineers can help you to deploy our high throughput middleware into your production workflows and application environment. This ensures your solution goes live quickly, maximising your productivity and minimising time to market. To discuss your services requirements without obligation, please contact Techila Technologies.

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