Interactive High-Performance Computing Made Easy

Techila Distributed Computing Engine is the world's fastest middleware solution for accelerating HPC computations for popular simulation apps (MATLAB, R, Python, C++, .Net). It can speed up workloads by 1000x, 10,000x or more.

Stay in Control with Techila Dashboard

See how your projects are progressing in real time, on any device. Start and stop capacity on the go.


Cloud native implementation includes pay-as-you go pricing and deployment via Google, Azure and AWS marketplace.


Key based identity and access management. Data signatures allow highly granular traceability and accounting.


World's fastest high throughput scheduler. Ensures maximum capacity utilization even with the most demanding workloads.

How it works

Step 1. Deploy your TDCE environment

Techila Distributed Computing Engine is available in AWS Marketplace, Google Cloud Marketplace, and Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Deployment is done with a couple of mouse clicks and everything will run in your own cloud account. 

Step 2. Access the Techila dashboard

The Techila Dashboard is a web interface that runs on your Techila Server.

You can access it via your browser to download the Techila SDK to your development computer and to provision cloud computing capacity.

Step 3. Make code changes

The Techila SDK contains APIs for several popular programming languages, such as Python, MATLAB, Julia, R and .NET.

You can use these APIs in your code to scale out the computationally intensive parts.

Step 4. Start capacity and run your code in TDCE

After making the code changes, you can start computing capacity using the Techila dashboard and run your code.

Compute nodes will be automatically configured based on your application's requirements and process the parallel workload.

Enterprise ready

Enterprise-grade support SLAs available to meet your requirements.

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