Techila Technologies breathes HTC 

It all started in 2005 with a vision: to make high-performace computing available for everyone. That's when Techila Technologies was founded by a small group of software specialists from Nokia and Accenture in close cooperation with the first customer, Tampere University of Technology.

The product

Techila Distributed Computing Engine combines the feedback provided by the academic and commercial user community with cloud-first design drivers and allows users to effortlessly scale out from their laptops to harness the computing power of the cloud.

Where we are now

Today, Techila Distributed Computing Engine is enabling world-leading investment banks, national banks, F1 teams, manufacturing companies, universities, researchers, and individual entrepreneurs around the world to overcome the limitations of traditional computing solutions by scaling out to 10,000s CPUs without leaving the comfort zone of their development environment.

“Without parallel computing it would have been practically impossible to finalize the project”
Project team, Bank of Finland