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At ISC22, Techila Technologies publicly introduced the concept of a 40,000 vCPU laptop, to help visualize how Techila Distributed Computing Engine (TDCE) can process High Throughput Computing (HTC) workloads at scale.

This 40,000 vCPU concept was transformed into a real life success story at the University of Pittsburgh, where researchers were able to reduce execution time from 6 months to 2 days by scaling out 40,000 vCPUs in Google Cloud. The link to Google’s case study can be found in the benchmark report.

Following the success at UPitt, Techila Technologies engineers performed several large-scale benchmarks with Techila Distributed Computing Engine in Google Cloud to find answers the following questions:

  • How quickly can 40,000 vCPUs be deployed and shut down?
  • How efficiently can Techila Distributed Computing Engine utilize this capacity?
  • How much do 40,000 vCPUs cost?