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Today Techila Technologies Ltd. and Computas AS announced the companies have entered into a strategic partnership that will make it much easier for Higher Education and Research organizations to harness the scale and performance of the public cloud to support their research using High Throughout Computing (HTC).

Techila Technologies advanced middleware products enable scientists, engineers, and researchers to easily and rapidly scale their complex computational workloads to the public cloud. By partnering with Computas AS, a Google Cloud Premier Partner and an authorized supplier under the OCRE (Open Clouds for Research Environments) framework agreement managed by GEANT, the European Research Network, Techila’s leading middleware is available in Google Cloud via Computas without a lengthy and expensive tendering process. Computas is approved to provide public cloud infrastructure, software, and services to academic and research organizations in 9 European countries under the OCRE agreement.

Simulation and computer modeling now form an essential part of academic and scientific research and discovery and drive advances in areas such as medical and bioinformatics, engineering, economics, finance, and many other disciplines. To support this effort, many leading institutions have a centralized HPC facility deployed to provide computing services to support the researchers and scientists in their studies. Whilst this centralized platform can support many of the use cases of the campus research community, there are still large numbers of users who are unable to take advantage of these facilities. This may be due to capacity constraints with the system, or the complexity of modifying or rewriting software codes and applications in order to shift them from running on the local workstation computer or laptop and onto the central HPC system. Either way, it means that researchers are hampered in their access to the computational capacity they need to complete their work and publish their findings in a timely manner.

By using Techila software deployed with Computas via the Google Cloud Marketplace and OCRE Framework Agreement, researchers are able to take immediate advantage of the performance and scale of the public cloud to reduce the time to scientific discovery. Scientists and engineers can easily redirect large-scale computations away from their local computer and into the Google Cloud, without the need to re-engineer their software applications and codes and without having to learn complex HPC command-line scripts and methods.

“The combination of Techila HPC middleware, Computas services with Google Cloud and the OCRE framework provide a unique capability to enable research and higher education institutions to avoid lengthy and complex procurement processes and quickly deploy appropriate compute capacity to accelerate scientific breakthrough”, says Rainer Wehkamp, founder and CEO of Techila Technologies.

Computas CEO, Trond Eilertsen strongly agrees with his new Finnish partner about the importance of accelerating scientific research with the use of computing technology “We know that technology is being used to solve many of the world’s biggest scientific challenges, and with the powerful combination of Google Cloud, Techila software and Computas services delivered via the OCRE framework, this can be accelerated even faster”.

About Techila Technologies Ltd.

Techila Technologies Ltd. is a leading provider of high-performance computing middleware and management solutions, and a pioneer in cloud-powered high-throughput computing. Techila customers include investment banks, insurance companies, universities and research centers, engineering and manufacturing companies from across the globe. Techila Technologies customers enjoy faster time to results by being able to scale their codes and applications to take advantage of all available compute resources, either on premises or in the cloud.

About Computas AS

Computas is a Nordic provider of IT solutions and consulting services in technological innovation and Computas was formed in Norway in 1985. The company is one of the largest Google Cloud Premier Partners in the Nordics and has one of the Nordic region’s leading research environments on the Google Cloud Platform.

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