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Techila Technologies Ltd, a leading provider of Grid, HPC, and AI/ML Middleware, announces the availability of Techila Distributed Computing Engine (DCE) Enterprise Edition in partnership with AWS (Amazon Web Services). Techila DCE is a cloud-ready software platform designed to help users parallelize and scale their simulations and calculations. It is now available in AWS Marketplace, a digital software catalog with thousands of products from hundreds of independent software vendors (ISVs).

AWS Marketplace makes it easy for organizations to discover, trial, acquire and deploy software to run on AWS, allowing customers to contract with the cloud provider for Techila software when running Techila Distributed Computing Engine (DCE) Enterprise Edition on(AWS). Techila DCE will enable organizations to scale their codes and applications quickly and easily using APIs that put the breadth of AWS cloud resources at their fingertips.

This enables applications and codes to run on hundreds or thousands of CPU cores, delivering results 100s or even1000sof times faster. Techila DCE supports common languages such as MATLAB, Python, R, .Net, C, C#, C++, and Julia. It also supports codes running inside Jupyter notebooks, including machine learning and artificial intelligence workloads such as model training and inference.

Techila DCE is used in financial services, engineering, manufacturing, life sciences, research, and other leading-edge scientific domains, helping deliver superior performance and throughput for demanding simulation and calculation workloads.

With the addition of Techila DCE Enterprise Edition in AWS Marketplace, customers can take advantage of simplified sourcing and contracting and consolidate their software and infrastructure billing into a single AWS invoice, saving time and resources. The new listing also allows customers to apply their use of Techila DCE Enterprise Edition to their AWS Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) spending commitment.

“Scaling workloads to meet increasing competitive pressure is a major challenge for enterprises running simulation or calculation workloads such as Monte Carlo simulations, analytics, and high-throughput computing (HTC) workloads,” said Rainer Wehkamp, Founder and CEO of Techila Technologies. “As a cloud-ready solution, Techila DCE helps customers take full advantage of the available resources in AWS to accelerate their time-to-results. Interactive.

Using our easy-to-use APIs and SDKs, customers can parallelize and scale their codes written in languages such as MATLAB, Python, R, Julia, C, C#, C++, and .Net and use workbooks such as Jupyter. This capability can reduce run times dramatically and improve time to market for our customers. We are incredibly pleased to be able to offer Techila DCE Enterprise Edition in AWS Marketplace as an additional way to access our technology.”

The inclusion of Techila DCE Enterprise Edition in the AWS Market place is the newest development in the relationship between Techila Technologies and AWS. Techila Distributed Computing Engine Enterprise Edition offers support for all major languages and supports both CPUs and GPUs to provide complete flexibility to scale codes and applications across AWS.