Scale R Codes without Limits

Techila Distributed Computing Engine enables parallel R computations at massive scale, harnessing 10,000s of CPUs to massively reduce the time to results.

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Native R APIs

Scale out to the cloud by making small modifications to your R code by using programming language-specific APIs in the Techila SDK.

Integrates with your favorite IDE

Techila APIs can be used from any IDE, be it RStudio or Vim. Learning new tools is not required.

Capacity when you need it

Have 10,000s of CPUs up and running in less than 2 minutes with the capacity automatically configured to support your R workloads.

Professional services

Techila Technologies’ expert engineers can help you to deploy our high throughput middleware into your production workflows and application environment. This ensures your solution goes live quickly, maximising your productivity and minimising time to market. To discuss your services requirements without obligation, please contact Techila Technologies.

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